I have completely squandered the last 2 hours.  Without any solid reccollection of where they went or what I did.

After getting more sleep than what is good for me last night, I ended up in a lazy sort of haze, where I was only semi aware of my surroundings today.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but being not entirely plugged in, it didn't get me my connection and footing that I thrive upon.  It's almost impossible to notice the little details when one is barely noticing the bookshelf right in front of one's own eye (yes, I do tend to walk into it when not paying enough attention).

This evening was better though.  I ended up down the hill and socialized.  And enjoyed it.  Something that I have not really done for sometime.

It's the St. Patrick's Day season, and I know that to most of  you it is a silly one day holiday.  But from my background it does in fact turn into a season.  I grew up competitively Irish Step Dancing.  Once that stuff is in your blood it is about impossible to get out, no matter how much one tries.  I still breathe dancing.  I can't stand or sit still and often find myself reverting to auto-pilot and merely dancing away.  These days, I no longer compete (much to my heart's dismay, but to my joints delight); but I do still perform with a pipe band (bagpipes & drum, and dancer ensemble).  I'm not certain what I would do if I were unable to dance (which there has been threats of due to injury a few years back).  Thus, the single day turns into a season for us.  We share; we shine.

Tonight was a simple, short gig.  But it was a chance to laugh and dance again.  There is something about the drones & drums that gets my adrenaline rushing.  I can't stay still even if I wanted; then my feet start moving, I leap in to the air, rhythmically pounding out set routines against the hardwood floor, my hair swirling around as I glide effortlessly across the stage.

It was a good night.

Now that I am collected and home, I am oddly back to my semi zoned state; but it is late and I am worn out in all manners.  Sleep will be welcomed.